Mount Rinjani Trekking Package – All in One Service Price: Enjoy a free accommodation, tour guide, porter, trek insurance, meals, camping equipment, back and forth transportation and many more+++

We aim to deliver friendliest services for memorable lifetime experiences by helping you arrange an affordable hiking tour to Mount Rinjani Lombok Indonesia Asia, either by joining a sharing group or in private services for comfort and flexibility.

With a strong belief we designed some hiking and trekking Rinjani packages which we proudly bring to you as a smarter solution to meet your adventure expectation – our Rinjani trekking tour package varies widely in itinerary option to suit your vacation time, maximum budget, destination priority and fitness level.

Those tour packages are; 2 days 1 night Rinjani trekking package to Rinjani crater rim Senaru for beginner, 2 days 1 night Rinjani trekking package to summit for experienced hikers, the most wanted 3 days 2 nights Rinjani trekking packages including Rinjani summit and crater lake, lastly the advance 4 days 3 nights Rinjani trekking package. Customized Rinjani trekking package is also available by request.

Latest Update & Fact

Lombok has recovered quickly from the natural disaster (earthquake) in July and August 2018. Then now is the transition period from COVID 19 pandemic to the endemic, Lombok tourism is starting to rise slowly but surely. Even more so after GP motorcycle racing as an international event, Lombok is again visited by thousands domestic and foreign tourists. From now on (April 2023), we welcome visitors to our magnificent Mount Rinjani – to keep our people employed and to support our continuing return to normality.

Good News! With complete vaccine and booster foreign tourists entering Bali will no longer be required to quarantine. This policy started on March 7, 2022.

Beautiful volcano and warm smile are waiting for you.

Booking Info

Mount Rinjani trekking tour package 2023 is now AVAILABLE for booking. The park has been officially reopened for trekking activities as of April 1, 2023. Set your date and enjoy our complimentary above for each of Rinjani trekking package you’ve reserved.

Climbing Rinjani in sharing group tour which well-known as Rinjani sharing trekking package is available from April 1st to December 31st, 2023 (based on availability – Please consult).
Private Rinjani trekking tour package category is available everyday from April 1st to December 31st, 2023.
All destinations on the mountain including Rinjani summit and crater lake as well as hot spring are now safe to visit.

Trekking Rinjani in the End of Pandemic Season – Why not?

Here at RinjaniBackpacker.com we are proud to be ourselves and are happy to assist you once you get in contact with us.

*Great trekking experience for a smaller budget

**Pioneer of lower cost Rinjani trekking service provider

***Fully guided by local experts

“We say what we do – Need assistance? Simply drop us a message or give us a call now..!


We design 3 types of service for Rinjani Trekking Tour Package that you can choose – the best option which suits how much time you have, how fit you are and what maximum budget you wish to spend:

Rinjani Budget Trekking Service – Joining a Group

For a solo traveler or anybody who wishes to do the trek in a minimum cost, this package service might be a smart option. Practically, you will be in a larger group consisting of maximum 8 or 10 hikers. Please be tolerant and have good understanding.

Participants usually take the most popular itinerary that is the 3-day trek with 2 nights staying in tent. It means, if you go for a 2-day trek then you will join the group of the 3-day. You will be separated with them at the 2nd day: as you descend with our team to complete your trip and the group commencing to other initial destination on the mountain.

Rinjani Private Trekking Service

This trekking package service is ideal if you have your own group: good option for couple, family with children and a large group. In this trek, you will only with your travel mates accompanied by our guide and porter – you are more flexible with time and destination.

Rinjani Trekking Service for Asian Group

This is designed for a large group of hikers who want to have trekking trip combined with tour to Gilis, Lombok and surroundings.


For a better experience, it is highly recommended to join a group. That’s why most people prefer to take part of a larger trekking group – it is cheaper and more fun as you meet other travelers. All the standard packages are group packages, but there is a REQUIREMENT to be fit enough and at least have several mountain climbing experiences.

Further more, never book a sharing trekking package if you are not sure that you are able to walk up and down the mountain in a longer distance and together with others.

However, if you are 2 or more people, and want to have your own group, that can be arranged as well. Simply drop us a message.


Packing Guides to Mount Rinjani

It is highly advisable that you pack as light as possible: over-packing to the trek will only make you have lesser fun. If you’re traveling and have more luggage than you need for the trek, you can leave the additional one with us at the departure point in Senaru or Sembalun.

Below is a list of what you will need on the mountain:

  • Shoes: running or hiking shoes with a good grip can be used
  • Small backpack – ideally, a small hiking backpack so you can put clothes, camera, and other things you need
  • Long pants (it’s very cold at high altitude, reaching even minus temperatures)
  • Warm jacket – if you don’t have one with you, you can rent one on the spot
  • Head lamp – if you don’t have one, you can rent one on the spot or buy a cheap one from the nearest shop
  • Sun block – even when cold, the sun burns at that altitude
  • Camera if you want to capture the entire adventure and scenary
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain coat (December to April)
  • Easy dry towel
  • Spare T-shirts and shorts
  • Hat
  • Insect repellent

For details look at here


There are two major ascent routes on Rinjani: Senaru Village in the north and Sembalun Lawang in the east.

Which Rinjani Ascent Route to Follow?

It always depends on your taste and which destination that you prioritize. The time needed to reach both crater rim (2600+m) where you will camp is relatively similar: in average of 7 to 8 hrs.

Sembalun Ascent Route: Lombok Exotic Savannah

If you want to reach the summit at the 2nd day then starting from Sembalun ascent route can be your choice. The village is the nearest way to get to the top. Ascending here will drive you to walk through savannah, it’s hot so please bring sun block, hat and glasses with you.

Senaru Trail: Ascend Through Tropical Forest

Senaru is the first and the only one gate to mount Rinjani some years ago. This is the most followed trails today beside Sembalun.

In contrary with Sembalun ascent route – here you will walk through thick forest which offers you chances to see a huge diversity of flora and fauna: big trees, wild strawberry, orchid, birds, wild chicken, barking deer etc. Conquering the summit will be at the last day.

“The majority of the route represents a normal trekking path, although there is a harder portion in the last 1 hour just before reaching the summit. No rock climbing or technical climbing skills are needed”


Hot Deals 2023 – Enjoy an affordable rates and prices of Mount Rinjani Trekking Package only with us. Get a reasonable discount for bigger group!

Be Updated: There is no more restriction on number of days trekking as well as tour destination; Rinjani summit, crater lake, and rims are currently accessible.

Below is a list of PUBLISHED Rinjani trekking package prices quoted per person:

Rinjani Sharing Trekking on Budget

2D1NRim155 $
2D1NSummit155 $
3D2NSummit & Lake175 $

Rinjani Private Trekking Service

Package2 Pax3-5 Pax6-8 Pax9-10 Pax
2D1N Rim190$170$150$130$
2D1N Top
3D2N Top
4D3N Top

Inclusion: Our Rinjani trekking package price includes all items described in each package itinerary – No hidden fees except clearly stated.

Exclusion: Optional tips to good guide and porters, trekking shoes, pants, jacket and head lamp.

Specially for Sharing Group Category minimum participant is 2 pax – lesser than 2 please understood additional transport charge may apply. Please kindly take a look to our service Terms and Conditions.


Mount Rinjani or locally known as Gunung Rinjani is an active volcano in Lombok, Indonesia. It has become more and more popular among locals and international travelers alike, which is not surprising considering the incredible nature that it hosts, the amazing views, and the challenging but most rewarding trekking routes.

To the Balinese, Rinjani is one of three sacred mountains, along with Bali’s Mount Agung and Java’s Mount Bromo. The local tribe people (Sasaks) ascend throughout the year around the full moon. The Balinese are also tossing gold and jewelry into the lake in a ceremony called Pekelan, before they slog their way towards the sacred summit.

It is relatively easy to reach the island of Lombok, as transportation options are plenty.

By Air: the island is served by its own airport, Lombok International Airport, which you can fly to from domestic or international destinations.

By Sea: you can reach Lombok by taking a 2 hour fast boat from the more popular Bali, or ferries and speed boats from other islands in Indonesia.

Have a chance to sleep at so high altitudes without the need for professional equipment. This also means that you get to wake up and go to sleep above cloud level, at 2 600+ meters, which makes for an incredible experience and a unique photo taking opportunity.

Although the volcano has small eruptions every few years, it is considered as safe for trekkers, as the routes are far from the eruption point. Many trekkers are actually keeping their fingers crossed for a small eruption, as it provides for an incredible experience and photo opportunity.

Rinjani is one of the few trekking places where you can sleep at so high altitudes without the need for professional equipment.

The best season to trek is the dry season, between April and December. All trekking routes to the summit are closed between January and March (both months inclusive). However, a Rinjani trekking tour package to the crater rim Senaru 2 days 1 night is still available on request.

True sense of adventure can only be felt if you are brave enough to leave the comfort of sitting and eating on your hotel desk and chair.

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