Here is a list of answers to some of the most common questions we receive from people that want to take trekking packages for Rinjani. However, if your question is not answered in this FAQ, please reach out to us, and we’ll answer you shortly.

Rinjani is open for mountaineering activities during dry season to the early of wet season: April to December. All trekking ascent routes to the summit of  Rinjani is closed from the early of January to the late of March yearly due to heavy rain and unpredictable weather which might be dangerous for to life.

Except your personal need, everything is provided in the package price. No hidden fees except well-stated. Please go to our package detail to see what’s included and what’s not.

Always depends on the package that you purchase. If you take **Sharing Trekking Package**, then you will be involved in a large group which generally consist of maximum 10 persons. This is the cheapest package availabe since there are more participant to share the cost.

While, taking **Private Trekking Service** will gives you more flexibility since you will be only with your own travel mates assisted by our guide and porters on the trekking.

The majority of the ascent route represents a normal trekking path, although there are  some difficult parts after position 3 from Sembalun, 30 minutes at the beginning to the summit, an hour before reaching the top and an hour down to the crater lake.

Your guide will be your partners on the mountain, he will guide you, let you know information you expect to hear, and help you when needed. While our porters will load all of logistics and camping equipment, set the tent, cook for you and assist you in some ways.

They will not carry your personal day-pack. Should you need one, then a hired porter is available upon request – with surcharge of porters daily tarrif and daily needs.

Our package price already cover all transportation from pick up at any location on arrival day and return to your initial destination within Lombok island the day you descend the mountain.

Yes, most definitely. If you’re travelling and have more luggage than you need for the trek, you can leave the additional one at the departure point at our partner agencies’ offices.


In fact, we’re recommending you to only take with you what you need for the trek, and leave everything else at departure. You will have a much easier and better trekking experience

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