Great Trekking Experience for a Smaller Budget !

Rinjani Backpacker – daily trekking tour operator is established to promote Lombok tourism industry with a strong commitment to provide the actual and up-to-date information about Mount Rinjani trekking, climbing packages, tour guides, trekking season, fees and prices and anything associated.

By the growing interest of tourists both domestic and international to climb Mount Rinjani, we gather under Rinjani Backpacker with primary mission to be #1 trekking tour agency– the pioneer of affordable package provider: Great Rinjani trekking experience for a smaller budget !

With a strong belief we design some popular Rinjani trekking package and now brought to you as a smarter solution to meet your adventure expectation. They varies widely in itinerary option, maximum budget, destination priority, walking tempo and length of vacation time.

Find more information in our page. Need advice? Post us a message or simply give us a call !


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