Rinjani Trekking Tips: Good Preparation Before Going to Climb Mount Rinjani

  • Do a good planning minimum a month before heading the trek, except you are already experienced in mountaineering activities.
  • Contact a reliable trekking operator in Lombok: those who are in Senaru and Sembalun will be a smarter choice.
  • Plan your trip with your own group to have a convenience and comfort climbing.
  • Get a bigger group to enjoy a cheaper price. How big your group will determine the cost you will pay.
  • Do a lot of exercises. Jogging and swimming might help much.
  • Plan a medium budget. Do not intend to go to the cheapest package as it might let you experience unsafe trip. “You get what you paid”
  • Get a clear information on how your trip will look like. A reliable operator will provide you the details, while fictitious one will hardly deal with your questions.
  • Stay in Senaru or Sembalun the day prior to trekking to let you not in a stress when the trip begins.
  • Pay a deposit to convince the operators you are serious and not a fictitious visitor. They will proceed a hotel reservation soon after you made it.
  • Should you cancel the trip please kindly inform your operator to avoid them from getting a lot charges of hotel booking policy.
  • Should you take an economic sharing package, make sure you are a real hiker not a beginner.
  • Sharing package will consist of many people, at least 10 in normal. Please be understandable and be tolerant. Many people means many ideas. Here you will be with participants from various countries and backgrounds. They are probably you might first to see.

Important Tips You Should Pay Attention for a Success Climb

  • Wear comfortable trekking or running shoes with a good grip
  • Have enough warm clothing for the summit climb
  • Pack as light as possible. Leave your unnecessary things by your trip planner.
  • Do have a nutritious breakfast prior to the climb.
  • For any food allergy, vegetarian, or any other special inquiry please kindly inform with us on the booking process to have a better arrangement.
  • Trek at a normal speed. Not to be in hurry to safe you energy and not to slow as it may make you getting sleepy and lazier.
  • Be extra careful with your steps a long the steep part especially on the track to the lake as well as from the summit to campsite.
  • Do not run at any time while ascending or descending the mountain.
  • Do not bring valuable goods.
  • Fit hiker trekking duration is 2.5 to 3 hrs from campsite to the peak. While average hiker trekking duration is 3.5 to 4 hrs and unfit hiker trekking duration is 4.5 to 6 hrs.
  • Fit hiker finishes the trekking at the last day is at 12 to 2 p.m. while an average hiker will finish it at 2.30 to 4 and unfit hiker will do it around 5 to the late evening.
  • Should you need a hired porter to load your own back pack please be inform to let us find a good one for you.
  • Never leave you guide especially on the track to the summit.
  • Keep consulting any of your expectations with your guide and porters.
  • Keep in a good communication to minimize any misunderstanding.
  • Look after Rinjani and Rinjani will look after you.

Good Luck..!

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