Trekking Rinjani Join Sharing Group 2D1N to Rinjani Summit & Crater Rim

USD 155
Sembalun Lombok
2 Days 1 Night

Trekking Rinjani Join Sharing Group only US$ 155 – a 2 days 1 night trekking package to summit lets you experience the most important activity of a trekking tour, that is reaching Rinjani summit. This package is ideal only for a real hiker who has a very short time of staying in Lombok. Not recommended for beginner or you who want a privacy.

If you are 2 persons or have your own group, it is advisable to take **Rinjani Trekking Package 2D1N to Summit in a Private Service** for more conveniences and flexibility.

Trekking Rinjani Join a Sharing Group Highlights

  • Senaru Village
  • Sembalun Lawang
  • Rinjani Rim 2 Sembalun
  • Rinjani Summit
Package Trekking Rinjani 2D1N Summit
Tour Type Join a Group/Budget
Price USD 155
Participant Minimum 2
Level Advance
Starting Point Sembalun Village 1100+m asl
End Sembalun Village 1100+m asl
Destination Crater Rim & Summit 3726m
Length 21 KM Back & Forth
Total Time 22 hrs Trekking Time

Trekking Rinjani Join a Sharing Group Means in Practice

In practice, joining a sharing group trekking will put you in a large group consisting of max. 10 hikers (including you) of a ***3D2N Trekking Package**. You will split with your group at the 2nd day. They will proceed the trek to explore crater lake and visiting hot springs and do an extra night camping on Senaru Rim area to see the fantastic views f mount Rinjani from another site. While you will be accompanied by our team descend to Sembalun village through the same path you walked on 1st day.

Trekking Rinjani Join a Sharing Group 2D1N to Summit Itinerary

Sample Itinerary

Day 0: Arriving Lombok

  • Our guide will pick you up from any location in Lombok such as airport, Kuta, Mataram, Bangsal, Senggigi or other area within the main island. Driving journey to Senaru Village or Sembalun.
  • Meeting service and well-briefing conducted in our base in Senaru or Sembalun.
  • You stay a night in an accommodation in Senaru or Sembalun which provided for free.

Day 01 Trekking Rinjani Join a Group to Summit

  • You wake up around 6 AM and receive a free breakfast at your hotel
  • Your guide will greet and pick you up at the hotel lobby
  • After a one hour journey you arrive at Sembalun. Your guide will arrange everything needed
  • Sign in and register with the mountain authorities at Rnjani Information Center Sembalun
  • Trekking Rinjani summit join group begins here
  • Now ready to start ascending, and after about 3.5 hours, there will be a lunch stop at post 2
  • Longer break for lunch time
  • After about 4 more hours, you will reach the beautiful Rinjani crater rim 2 Sembalun (2 639 meters), where you can see the lake and crater, and where you will have a chance to sleep above the cloud
  • Dinner is served before going to bed
  • Congratulation! Day 1 trek is done !

Day 02 Trekking Rinjani Join a Sharing Group to Summit

  • Wake up very early in the morning (usually 2 AM)
  • Have a light supper and hot drinks
  • You begin trekking the Rinjani Summit with your sharing  group, which you will reach in about 3+ hours. Here you will have opportunity to take a photo on one of the highest peak in Indonesia
  • Descending soon after 30 minutes on Rinjani summit.
  • Split with your group
  • You begin descent to Sembalun Village via the path you walked up through on the first day
  • After about 3 hours, you will have a longer break for a simple lunch
  • After eating, you continue descend and reach Sembalun village after another 3 more hours
  • Our vehicle will drive you to pick the rest of your luggage in our base, and you will then be taken to your destination location in Lombok such as airport, beach resorts, Gili islands, harbor, etc
  • Trekking Rinjani summit join a group package ends here

Trekking Rinjani Join Sharing Group Rates

***This package costs USD 155 per person with minimum 2 participants on booking process***


Inclusion in the Rinjani Join Sharing Group Package Rates

  • Mount Rinjani guide that speaks English to show you the way, tell information, help you if needed and arrange everything for you
  • Rinjani local porters to carry all food and equipment up and down the mountain
  • Tents for every 2 people – if you’re a couple or a group, you can choose how to share the tents. If you’re alone, you will need to share the tent with one more person.
  • Mattress and sleeping bag
  • Drinking water per person per day
  • 3 times hot meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • Hot drinks (tea or coffee)
  • Toilet tent for the group
  • Cooking gear (carried and used by porters and guide to prepare hot meals for you)
  • Transportation to and from pick up to drop off to your initial location in Lombok
  • Entrance fee for the Rinjani National Park

Exclusion in the Rinjani Join a Group Package Rates

  • Optional tips to good guide and porters
  • Trekking shoes, pants, jacket and head lamp

Things to Prepare for Trekking Rinjani Summit with Sharing Group

  • Shoes: running or hiking shoes with a good grip can be used
  • Small backpack – ideally, a small hiking backpack so you can put clothes, camera, and other things you need
  • Long pants (it’s very cold at high altitude, reaching even minus temperatures)
  • Warm jacket – if you don’t have one with you, you can rent one on the spot
  • Head lamp – if you don’t have one, you can rent one on the spot or buy a cheap one from the nearest shop
  • Sun block – even when cold, the sun burns at that altitude
  • Camera if you want to capture the entire adventure and scenery
  • Sun glasses
  • Light rain coat (December to April)
  • Easy dry towel
  • Spare t-shirts and shorts
  • Hat
  • Insect repellent


“Climb mountains NOT so the world can see you BUT so you can see the world” (Quote)


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