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    Rinjani Trekking Tips: What Should to Know Before Taking an Economic Rinjani Sharing Package

    Rinjani Trekking Tips: What Should to Know Before Taking an Economic Rinjani Sharing Package

    Taking a sharing trekking package to climb mount Rinjani is one of the cheapest way to enjoy a memorable tour in one of the highest volcanic peak in Indonesia. This package option suits all travelers as long as in a good health status and are able to walk in a long distance a day.

    How Fit One should Be Before Attempting Rinjani Trek in Sharing Group?

    Trekking Rinjani doesn’t require any special climbing skill – All you need to have is only walking and walking. The total lenght of the trek including summitting is 27.3 KM and can be completed in 29 hours including lunch break.


    To do the whole trek, one normally take 3 days 2 nights trekking package or the more advance 4 day trek to walk in a shorter distance a day. There are only few group do it in a la carte style – back and forth in one day.

    One knows  himself  better.

    Considering a Sharing Group Package

    Back to the topic, once you decide to join a group to have a lesser budget for the tour, please than understand the real condition that you will be in a large group consisting of 10 persons (sometimes lesser) with a guide and normally 5 porters.


    Good understanding is a must since the participants might be your first to see. As well as pricing, some might have paid more or some paid it lesser. The amount of money someone spent depending on how many person booked the trip with him. It should not be an issue! and must not be!


    Do you think to take a Rinjani sharing group trekking package? Then please contact us for help and assist.


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