Mount Rinjani Package Price Fees

Mount Rinjani Package Price & Fees: How Much It Fairly Costs ?

Mount Rinjani Trekking Rates and Prices: How Much Money Does a Rinjani Trekking Fairly Cost?

“How much does a hiking and trekking package to Rinjani fairly cost?
Why are there so much pricing variances offered online?
Which of them will surely be worth our needs?
What does a sharing trekking package mean and why is it seemed to be the cheapest one among the popular trekking services offered?

Trekking Rinjani mountain is one thing, but let’s pause at the questions listed above. Those are some of the most frequently asked questions by travelers who plan to do a trekking trip to the sacred volcano. Here we are thinking to give a light description, hopefully  useful reference then you can easily find which of the services rates will be fairly worth your trekking interest.

Traveling for holiday is a need, even more it has been being a life-style of people nowadays. It is no more for those rich persons only, whoever can do it as long as having enough money to go. The reason to go far away from home is just simple; need to have a look at another countries’ nature, culture, heritage and diversity. Other reason might be want to rest and get away from busy life which requires a big energy and effort.

During that trip period many people (not most) tend to do it in a cheap way. Saving the cost as much as possible, searching the way to minimize the money they probably pay by asking friends, relatives or browsing through internet.

In Rinjani too, we can see many articles on the internet as well as discussion forums talking about the normal cost for Rinjani trekking, which one to choose among the huge variances.

Well, Rinjani trekking packages are like a hotel rooms: some sound offering standard room rate, some look to be very budget and some are superior even luxury, more luxury and the most luxury. The idea is the more you pay the better room facilities you will have and so, vice verse.

On the mountain, trekkers will be assisted by more guides and porters team if they purchase a luxury type of trekking package. They will be equipped with ***luxury-look** camping equipment e.g. chairs to sit, thick mat to sleep, a la-restaurant meals menu, first they arrive they stay overnight in a superior type of room and much more special services we find on online offer.

Mount Rinjani Package Price in Average

Average price is offered to those who wish in a private standard service, this is the most popular package taken by trekkers. Trekking is an adventure, not must in a superior services which sometimes seem to lessen its taste. The most important one for them is enough foods and drinks, not lack of equipment, teams and should fill the safety standard. Not to be involved in a large group which consists of many people with different aim and interest and requires an absolute understanding, tolerance, at least experience to hike or doing hard job.

The lowest cost offered is sharing trekking package. Sharing trekking package is specially designed for solo travelers or backpackers who wish to do trekking trip in an easy and cheap way by involved in a large group consisting of ten persons or more.

This choice only suits those people who are already well-experienced to walk in a long distance and doing several mountain climbing. Beginners are not recommended to take this sharing group.

This Rinjani sharing trekking package is the cheapest because there are many people in the group to share the basic cost of the trekking package. Being understanding and tolerant is a must because in the group you will be with people you might first to meet. many people means many expectations, many characters, many interests and nationalities.

Mount Rinjani package price always depends on the type of package a person or group will take. Do they want to be in a luxury trek which requires to pay more, private standard service but safe and comfort, or very budget shared package but less of privacy? Every people knows what they really need. The more people to trek with, the lesser cost a person will pay.

Amount of day of trekking and destinations also determine how much a hiker will pay for the tour package. In general, there are five types of popular package available:

Sample for Rinjani Budget Trekking

    • Trekking Rinjani Summit with Group 2 Days 1 Night. This two day-trekking to summit with group is intensionally designed for real hikers or those who are already experienced to do hard work. Taking this package requires high level of fitness. The program starts from Sembalun Lawang heading to Sembalun Rim campsite and the next morning climb the summit and descend through the same route – ends in Sembalun Lawang.
    • Rinjani Sharing Trekking 2 Days 1 Night to Rinjani rim 1. Senaru crater rim offers almost 70 percent of the best view in Gunung Rinjani. So if you have a very short time of staying in Lombok, this Rinjani sharing trekking package might be a smart option. The tour begins in Senaru village to Senaru rim and the next morning decend through the same way to Senaru.
  • Rinjani Sharing Trekking Package with Group 3 Days 2 Nights to Rinjani Summit and Lake. Three day-trekking trip to the summit of Rinjani and crater lake is the most popular package among trekkers. This sharing package allows them to walk in exotic savanna in the east and through typical rainy forest in the west. Climbing the challenging summit and visiting hot spring pools nearby the lake are some of the important points. Taking this trip absolutely requires good level of fitness and hiking experiences.

Sample of Rinjani Private Trekking Package

We can arrange all of the packages above in a private Rinjani trekking tour. It means, practically you will not join a large group – you will only with your own travel mates accompanied by our guide and porters.

The rates and prices for Rinjani trekking package in private service will depend on how big is your group: if your group consists of 2 persons only, then it costs much expensive comparing to a group of 5 trekkers.

Rinjani private trekking package offers more conveniences, comfort, and flexibilities. Below is a sample of Rinjani private trekking package:

  • Mount Rinjani Tour to Rinjani Summit and Crater Lake 4 Days 3 Nights. This private trekking package takes four days 3 nights on the mountain. Its itinerary is the same as three day-trek from Sembalun with an extra night camping at the lake side. It is an advance trekking tour to suit a large group, family with children and participants who wish to hike in a shorter distance a day.

Mount Rinjani package price differ from each other. 2 days trekking to summit of Rinjani and Senaru rim for a standard service category normally costs starting from 135$ to 145$ for a a sharing trekking program, while for a private trekking it costs 195$ minimum 2 persons and might be cheaper if you have more participant in your group. If you prefer a luxury one, it may cost 250$ to 270$ per person, min. 2 participants.


    • Then a 3 days trekking program, standard sharing trekking category costs from USD 160$ to 175$, and the rates per person for a luxury service varies fro USD 300 to USD 350. The last advance 4 days Rinjani trekking price ranges from USD 285 to USD 300 per person for a standard private service category, while luxury one are much higher, which ranges from USD 375 to 400$.
    • Rinjani private standard trekking category can be a good option to save the cost. It is designed the same as a private luxury one, both offer a privacy as the strong point. The different only lies a bit on services. An example of Rinjani trekking rates and prices standard category and what just included can be seen on our home page. Look at this Rinjani trekking package price to compare ours.


As a conclusion, knowing your main purpose and needs will much help to decide what type of services to take and how much money to spend.

Good luck and have a good trek.



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